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Warning: Scary stats may follow….  

From the Poneman Institute 2012 Confidential Documents at Risk Study

70% of respondents say that employees, contractors or business partners have very frequent or frequent access to sensitive or confidential documents, even though access to this information is not a job or role-related requirement.
59% say their organizations’ controls are ineffective at monitoring employees, contractors or other insiders who access these confidential documents. An even higher percentage (63 percent) do not believe they are effective at assigning privilege to employees, contractors and other insiders whose jobs or roles requires access to sensitive or confidential documents.”

It’s called Insider Threat.

A recent Telegraph article highlighted an area that security experts have been talking about for some time – insider threat. It highlighted the vast increase in the level of fines that the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) year on year, from £431k to £1.8m…

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