Shellshock what you need to know!

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Shellshock what you need to know!


First of all what is the Shellshock software bug? Shellshock (sometimes known as Bashdoor) is a group of security vulnerabilities which were found in the Unix Bash Shell.

That can be pretty confusing for the average user so here is a small break down.

Unix is a term used to describe any operating system that uses among other things shell scripting and resembles the “Unix Philosophy” the most common of which are Apple’s OS X and Linux operating systems.

BASH - Shellshock

Shell is a user interface to an operating systems services.

Bash Shell is the default shell on Linux and Apple’s OS X operating systems.


Bash is a shell that allows a user to input on Linux , Unix and Apple’s OS X operating systems. This can be achieved remotely using network protocols such as…

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