Ransomware – the background and what you need to know

Advent IM

A blog post from one of our Security Consultants, Del Brazil.

Ransomware first appeared in the early part of latter 20th Century, with the first reported version being the AIDS Trojan Horse which was created and released in the USA.  Since then the development has rapidly increased, resulting in over 250,000 variants of Ransomware identified as of 2013.  There are currently both encrypting and non-encrypting versions of Ransomware circulating and/or infiltrating systems.  Although there are some subtle differences between the two versions the main difference is that non-encrypting Ransomware causes minor restrictions/access to services or systems by displaying undesirable images or inaccurate system re-activation alerts requiring the user to pay a ransom to have the images removed. Encrypting Ransomware as the name implies, encrypts your hard drive and demands a ransom be paid in order for you to receive the de-crypt key and be able to access your data…

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