Get Safe Online Week – our contribution

Advent IM Security for Schools

We are halfway through Get Safe Online Week and although we are generally business-focused, we felt it was very important to get involved and to issue some advice that everyone can use. So we have some Personal User and some Business User advice below for you, Courtesy of Del Brazil, Advent IM Security Consultant. #GetSafeOnlineWeek

Here in my opinion, are some top tips for home users to consider when using their home computers.

iStock_000015534900XSmall  Personal/Home Users

  1. Password Management – Always keep your password secure and do not share it with anyone. Remember to change your password on a regular basis and avoid using previous passwords.  There are numerous password generators freely available online along with password assessment tools to test how secure your password is.
  1. Back-Ups – Always back up files, documents and photos that you deem to be sensitive or important as this will save you both time and money in the…

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